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A Perilous Land

Tolkien Scholarship
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This community is for people interested in discussing the works of Tolkien, fictional and critical, as well as the works of scholars of Tolkien. The works of Tolkien scholars may range from actually scholarly to the fiction in their own part of Faerie. This allows for an exploration of both Tolkien as well as those he most directly influenced.

While we're not all Tolkien purists here, and while some of us do love the movies, this comm isn't for those of you who are solely interested in the movies. Movie discussion is allowed, so long as it does not overrun the community. If you are interested in the movies, there are plenty of communities out there for you.

Yes, we know Aragorn is hot and Legolas is pretty. If that were all we wanted to discuss, we wouldn't need to create a community for it.

Questions? Problems? Blame it all on narya_the_great.