Narya (narya_the_great) wrote in faerie_cauldron,


I'm seeing a few names I don't know already, so anyone want to do introductions?

I created this community because of the proliferation of so-called Tolkien comms that seem more interested in the movies. Now, I love the movies as fun entertainment, but when I talk Tolkien, I want to be talking about Tolkien, not Peter Jackson. Of course, there is one comm out there, tolkien_books, that does serve that purpose, but I also thought it would be interested to discuss the actual scholarship of Tolkien and how he's influenced the works of said scholars. Admittedly, my knowledge of that is limited to taking a class with Professor Verlyn Flieger and having met Douglas Anderson, but Prof Flieger has me interested in the ideas with which Tolkien was working as his writing itself.

I just started reading Prof Flieger's Pig Tale tonight, and I'm finding it a wonderful book, as well as an amusing example of Tolkien's influence on those who've studied his works.

So... who's next? Feel free to make a new post to get the comm started!
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